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"Producing your fantasies since 2003"



5' 3"




US 6.5



HAIR Color

Platinum Blonde

EYE Color





Liz is an artist and free spirit who hopes to leave her mark on the world doing something inspiring and creative.


She also has a passion for animal rescue and conservation, snorkeling, and traveling the world.


She sees modeling as transforming...A unique way to create a image, an idea....



Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Texas but I was born in Louisiana..I am a blend of both..



When I am indulging I crave pasta, burgers, and of course sweets!!

I am a trash panda when I am really craving something!!!


What are you favorite activities, what do you do in your time off?

My favorite activities are spending time outdoors, going to

museums, and of course traveling. Seeing the world and

experiencing things speaks to my soul.


What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Baths, Wine, Decadent Desserts, Driving Fast, Playing Games, Binging on TV Series


What type of music do you like?

 I have very diverse taste in music. I love music from many eras

spanning from the 1950s to early 2000's. The genres: rock, r&b,

jazz, metal, old rap, pop, etc.


Which song are you most likely to be heard singing in the shower?

Whatever song is playing that day on my Pandora list. :)


What are some of your favorite books?

Harry Potter Series, Golden Compass Series, Vampire Diaries,

Combat & Survival Strategies


What is your favorite movie or movies?

I love literature and biographies mostly. I am not a huge fan of

modern novels. I love writers such as: W.H. Auden, T.S. Eliot,



Do you have pets?

I do have pets. They are my world. Jericho is a giant breed. He's

wise, all-knowing, and protective. Yoda is a typical fiesty chihuahua

with no fear. Frousy is my Maine coon mix. He is just fabulous.

Period. :)


Who is your favorite actor/actress? why?

I do not really look up to celebrities like most. Over the years there

have been many I have enjoyed with immense talent. I really do not have favorites..


who are some of the people you admire? why?

I admire people who are born leaders who have grit and strength

like Winston Churchill and Temple Grandin.


What is your biggest turn on and turn off?

Turn ons are soul, honesty, and heart.

Turn offs are sycophants, selfishness, and insincerity...


What is the best first date you have ever been on?:

 Oh lord.. I have been on many great dates over the years.. My

favorite would probably be having lunch on the beach in the

Bahamas followed by swimming with wild dolphins right off the

coast. :) Amazing date!


What jobs have you done besides modeling?

I worked retail, restaurants, and I even interned for an interior



What was your first modeling job?

My first modeling job was when I was in the kids division at an

agency. I walked a runway at a mall modeling clothes. :)


So far, what had been your favorite custom video?

My favorite custom was probably bc it was so ridiculous and over

the top. I filled a kiddie pool with chocolate pudding and slowly strip

teased until I was nude rolling around in the pudding..I had to order

$250 worth of chocolate pudding to do the custom. It was so



If you could have one super power what would it be?

I would love to be able to teleport myself and help every animal in need.